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Salesmanship for Attorneys

Why has it been that for years, generating business in a law firm has been masked in secrecy around terms like "marketing," "business development," and "client development"? Meanwhile corporate America aspires to driving revenue, training sales professionals, and having a solid financial/business model.

"Selling" is no longer a dirty word for legal professionals, but a necessary one. Attorneys who can learn the skills that produce new clients and retain existing ones clearly occupy rarified space. Now the skills and methods are well-defined for the legal professional that brings not only the decorum that fits the profession but the results that are long overdue.

Salesmanship for Attorneys: Building your practice using successful sales strategies from corporate America

Salesmanship for Attorneys

With Salesmanship for Attorneys, every practitioner can succeed at selling their skills and build a multi-million dollar business! The book covers the following topics:

  • Personal Development Skills
  • Developing Professional Relationships
  • External Coaching (Where It Fits In)
  • Business Practice Applications
  • Networking
  • The Analysis Behind The Transactions: "Why People Buy"
  • Marketing
  • The Client
  • Interactive Exercises

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All proceeds from this book are donated to charity.

Featured Chapter: The Analysis Behind The Transactions: "Why People Buy"

Best Practices for Selling New Clients
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