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The Legal Institute for Sales Strategies
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The Legal Institute for Sales Strategies

The Legal Sales InstituteThe Legal Institute for Sales Strategies is a new, trademarked, proven method for developing revenue success for law firms. Developed over a twenty-year period, it combines time-established corporate strategies into a structure that develops the firm's financial growth on a consistent basis.

Not just experience on the legal side or just experience on the corporate side - a REAL MERGING of principles that work!

The Puzzle -- An Equation. The merging of established corporate business principles with law firm talent, + culture + resources = revenue generation.

The Four Critical Pieces.

Each firm is unique unto itself and programs are customized to fit each category.

The 6 Steps To Identifying The Client Base
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ReedLogic produces seminars created by the world's top lawyers and C-Level executives (CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO, Partner). Each speaker has been carefully chosen through an exhaustive selection process by the ReedLogic Speaker Board to lead a seminar. Each speaker is individually selected based on his or her experience, research and standing within the business community. Production and selection is also based heavily on recommendations from previous speakers, who include Chairs from more than 70 percent of the largest 200 law firms and executives from GE, Wal-Mart, Coke, FedEx, IBM, American Express, UPS, Duke Energy and hundreds of other blue-chip companies.

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This program is without equal - the results are amazing!